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        Lean Management
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        1、Localization of lean management

        "Lean management, improve continuously" is management principle of the company. It solves the problem of " how to innovation and how to improve competiveness continuously,provides strong support for promoting personal performance assessment and creats a steady basis to achieve company's strategic target.

        • Promote lean management

          Basic management: 6S, TPM, OPL; innovation management: improvement proposal, overall innovation;

          Project management: focus task, QCC, IE application……

        • Establish lean system

          6S management methods; PDCA management language; improvement proposal management regulations; overall innovation management regulations;

          Focus task & QCC management process; IE promotion and application management regulations;

        • Training personnel for lean management

          Promoting committee member; promoting specialist; promoting manager; promoting expert……

        • Create lean improvement culture

          Training, learning, lean activities, promoting, guiding, and prompt incentives.

        * Create lean and effective operating system, continuously optimize PQSDCM

        P:productive;Q:quality ;C:cost ;D:delivery;Ssafety ;M:morale

        2、Development of lean management
        • Phase 1 2009

          Conduct 6S management; advocate periodical improvement;
          Improve production plan; make quality improvements;
          Equipment improvements( TPM );
          Create an improving atmosphere.

        • Phase 2 2011

          Establish quality goal;
          Establish improvement proposal system;
          Establish focus task management system;
          Import JIT management system( JIT )。?

        • Phase 3 2013

          Set up brilliant group;
          Fast growth of new employee ;
          Establish scientific standard operating procedure (SOP);
          Continuous training among middle-level managerial staff ;
          Establish QC activity management regulation

        • Phase 4 2015

          Building international brand ;
          Improve professional competence;
          Upgrade automation level ;
          Establish PDCA basic working method.

        3、Classified catalogue of lean management
        • Foundational management:

          6S/OPL/TPM/TWI checking and instructing

        • Innovation management:

          Improvement proposal evaluation/ innovation platform maintenance

        • Project management:

          focus task&QCC activity guidance and results evaluation

        • Promotion and application of IE:

          IE methods promoting, IE special improvement guidance

        • Lean
        4、Popularize of lean management

        Foundational management:

        Build good on-site management, improve efficiency and quality.

        Innovation management:

        At the end of 2016, then quantity of improvement proposal is 35020pcs,and in 2016,excellent proposals creat CNY 4.833 million for the company.

        Quantity of improvement proposal

        Project management:

        At the end of 2016, then quantity of focusing subjects and QCC improvement proposal is 248pcs,and in 2016,finished excellent proposals creat CNY 4,833 million for the company.

        Quantity of focus task & QCC activities

        Promotion and application of IE:

        IE method continues to be promoted in the company. It is applied in warehouse system to guide everyone to improve, finally the warehouse department's per capita efficiency increased 33.3%.

        5、Result of implement lean management

        Technical communication; demand confirmation; forecast; make stock

        On-site settle in one working day;

        Reply 8D report in 3 working days;

        customer visits, technical communication;

        on-time delivery;

        product quality meet customer requirements.